What is naturopathic medicine?

When you ask this question, you are bound to get an answer that involves the terms “vitality,” “energy,” “nature,” or “the body.”

But what does that all mean?

Licensed naturopathic doctors are trained professionals with four or more years of medical school training with a focus on health and prevention.  Naturopathic medicine is about optimizing function.  It’s about restoring and maintaining health.

How does one do these things?  You make sure you have everything you need, and you get rid of everything that is standing in the way.

For healthy people with few obstacles to health, this means eating well, exercising regularly, reducing stress, and doing something that you love.  There are things that naturopathic doctors can do to further improve health such as prevent illness and assist a person through an acute condition.  But ideally, people don’t need a whole lot more.

For others who are suffering from chronic disease or were born with a condition that interferes with normal bodily functions, it can be more complex.

This is where naturopathic medicine comes in with all its tools –modalities.  These modalities include nutrition, herbs, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, drainage, IV nutrients, pharmaceuticals, and many others.  The toolbox is large and there is no one size fits all treatment.  This means care is tailored to each individual’s body, resources, and preferences.

It all boils down to one concept:  In with the useful and out with whatever is slowing you down.

This year marks the first annual National Naturopathic Medicine Week from October 7th -13th.  Take this opportunity to learn how naturopathic medicine can help you.

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