Patient Testimonials

A doctor who listens

For the first time I have found a doctor who will listen to what I’m saying! I highly recommend Dr Turner as a caring and compassionate doctor for the whole family.


They truly take the time to get to know you

I have seen both Dr Turner and Dr Zieman here and they are amazing! They truly take the time to get to know you, and go over any health concerns in depth. I have been very impressed each visit with how thorough it is. I highly recommend Vibrant Family Medicine!


Highly recommend

Dr. Katherine Zieman has been our physician and midwife for more than 16 years. She is very knowledgeable, kind, trustworthy, thorough, and professional. I highly recommend her!

I travel 600 miles just to see Dr. Zieman

I drive, or fly, 600 miles to see Dr. Zieman. She is professional, thorough and cares for her patients. I feel better and full of hope every time I leave there. The staff is sweet and always have smiles on their faces. I would tell anyone to come and see for themselves.


Jill is Amazing!

Jill is amazing!! We have been working together to improve my health for years now. After years of trying to get help with a persistent cough through traditional western medicine, my doctor told me “sometimes people cough for the rest of their lives” and I said “and sometimes people get fired” That is when I decided to try naturopathic medicine. After my first meeting with Dr. Turner, she prescribed a couple of tinctures. Three days later that cough was gone. This was after every other doctor blamed it on GERD. Each time I meet with her, she asks lots of questions to understand where I am what needs to be modified. If you want a doctor who will be your champion, then look no further. You won’t always like what she tells you, but in the end when I have followed her advice after much protesting, I have always felt better.


She helped me listen to my own body

Madeline was amazing at my birth. She helped me listen to my own body and trust my birthing process. I’ll never forget her heart and all the help and support post-partum she gave as well. Her education and wisdom helped me so much. Thank you.


Life Changing

Our whole family adores Dr. Turner!!! She has a permanent invitation to every family holiday for the rest of forever. Truly, though, she cares about us and our health, and visiting her has been life changing. I have found happiness again after struggling for years with postpartum depression that not even pharmaceuticals would put a dent in. We LOVE her natural, whole-person approach to healthy living, and we will be making special trips back here for regular check-ups as we travel the country.