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Naturopathic medicine feels like coming home

Growing up, my mom stuck garlic in my ear when I had one kind of earache, and warm oil in my ear when I had another kind of earache. I took vitamins, ate lots of vegetables, and not very much meat. Little did I know that this was not just healthy living, but a philosophy of medicine. The more I learn about Naturopathic medicine, the more I feel like I am coming home.



Preventative Care

Naturopathic medicine has been my preferred choice for many years.  It matters to me to work with the body as gently as possible.  I have a very sensitive system and have managed to keep a number of family health problems at minimum effect on my life.  Dr. Zieman has been wonderful in listening, understanding, and directing me in gentle ways to feel better, younger, and happier.  I have never felt judged by her and definitely feel cared for by all of the wonderful people in and around the office.  Her referral of Sarah Carl was spot on!

– N.W.

Family Care

I have learned to be an active consumer of both natural medicine add well as regular medical instead of a passive consumer. There are always options and not just one way to approach an issue. For my own and my family’s health I have learned more about food sensitivity and how much better I feel by making simple changes. I learned all about sweeteners and sugars and to make healthier choices.


Pediatric Care

I love that Naturopathic medicine has allowed my children to grow up healthy and without the excessive use of antibiotics. I also feel very blessed to have met such wonderful doctors such as Katherine and Jill. It is so wonderful to know that when I need them they are there and will take the time to look at the whole picture. The time and support they have given me and my family has been invaluable and I am ever so blessed to have them in my circle of friends.


Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials